LR Launch Your Workshop Masterclass Sept 2018

Launch Your Workshop Masterclass

Tuesday, 4th September

8pm GMT : 3pm EST

Do you want to reach out to more clients and establish yourself as a thought leader to a wider audience?


Your work is your life's purpose and you are passionate about what you do, but 1:1 client work means you're constantly struggling to make ends meet. 

You thrive on the buzz and connection from the in-person experience.

You'd love to run in-person workshops but don't know where to start. Terrified that no one will show up or that your workshop will be a flop. 

Flipping between talking yourself into running a workshop only to talk yourself out of it because it seems too complicated with too many unknowns. 

I know because I've been there!

Hi, I’m Salma. 

Before I flew the corporate gilded cage I worked for the David and Goliath’s of the Tech sector. 

It had its benefits, but in 2003 I had my ‘GET ME OUT OF HERE!’ moment and started my journey to become a qualified co-active coach. My coaching practice grew steadily but I soon realised for financial and personal satisfaction reasons that I also wanted to work with larger groups. 

The first training workshop I delivered in 2006 was called How to Develop a Personal Brand and since then I have designed and delivered 1000's of workshops.  

Today I have a thriving personal branding ( and training ( business. I've been featured in the press, and worked with amazing clients.

I'm now ready to share with you the tips and techniques I've learned throughout the past decade that can turn your workshop from one that's 'OK' to one that is 'Fantastic!'. 

Sign up for my live masterclass and learn how to:  

1. Sell and market your workshop to your ideal audience

2. Structure a workshop that engages and changes lives for the better

3. Turn one-off clients to raving fans that want to come back for more workshops

Don't miss out as places are limited and filling up quickly!

Tuesday, 4th September 2018

8pm GMT : 3pm EST